Agent: Debi McGuin



2016   Ten out of Twelve
            Directed by Jim Guedo
            Wildside Productions, Edmonton, AB

2007   The Rocky Horror Show
            Riff Raff
            Directed by Anne-Marie Donovan
            UW Drama, Waterloo, ON

2000   A Bedfull of Foreigners
            Claude Philby
            Directed by Alex Mustakas
            Drayton Festival Theatre, Drayton, ON

1997   Pyjama Tops
            Directed by Bill Robertson
            Stage West, Mississauga, ON

1990   And When I Wake
            Directed by Claude Guilmain
            Press Theatre, St. Catharines, ON

1989   A Play on Words
            Censor #1
            Directed by Dean Cooney
            Summerworks Festival, Toronto, ON

1988   And When I Wake
            Directed by Claude Guilmain
            Kawartha Summer Festival, Lindsay, ON

1986   The Black Bonspiel of Wullie MacCrimmon
            Judas Iscariot
            Directed by Claude Guilmain
            Press Theatre, St. Catharines, ON

1985   The Sound of Music
            Directed by Ron Ulrich
            Huron Country Playhouse, Grand Bend, ON


1998   Real Kids, Real Adventures, TV - Season 2 Ep. #1 – Kayaking Crash
            Directed by Rick Fester
            Firecorp III, Toronto, ON

1996   Mr. and Mrs. Loving, TV Movie
            Sheriff Deputy Harley
            Directed by Richard Friedenberg
            Showtime, Toronto, ON

1995   Due South, TV – Season 1 Ep. # 18 – An Invitation to Romance
            Directed by George Bloomfield
            CBS/Alliance, Toronto, ON

1993   Dieppe, TV Movie
            MP Cinema
            Directed by John Smith
            CBC-TV, Toronto, ON

1993   Death Wish V, Movie
            Directed by Allan Goldstein
            Deathwish 5 Productions, Toronto, ON

1992   Beyond Reality, TV – Season 2 Ep. # 14 - Inner Ear
            Student #3
            Directed by Ken Girotti
            Realistic Productions, Toronto, ON

            Top Cops, TV – Season 3 Ep. # 14A
            Directed By Ken Girotti
            CBS/CBI Productions, Toronto, ON

            Kids in the Hall, TV – Season 2 Ep. #5 – Prisoner
            Directed by John Blanchard
            CBC-TV, Toronto, ON

1991   Top Cops, TV – Season 2 Ep. #5B
            CBS/CBI Productions, Toronto, ON

            Patrick Watson’s Heritage Moments, TV – Educational Spot – Naismith
            CFB/Partner’s Film Company, Toronto, ON

1990    E.N.G., TV – Season 2 Ep. #8 – All in the Game
             Directed by Ken Girotti
             Alliance Entertainment, Toronto, ON

             S.A.F.E. – Educational Video
             Desk Sergeant
             Producer’s Group International

             E.N.G., TV – Season 1 Ep. #19 – Ghosts
             Mick Demster
             Directed by Allan Kroeker
             Alliance Entertainment, Toronto, ON

             Hear Today, Hear Tomorrow - Educational Video
             Canadian Hearing Society, Toronto, ON

             Katts & Dog, TV - Season 2 Ep. #3 - Family Affair
             Thug #2
             Directed by Al Waxman
             Katz '90 Productions, Toronto, ON

1989    SkyDome Opening Ceremonies - TV Special
             Argonaut Football Player
             CBC-TV, Toronto, ON

             Knightwatch, TV - Season 1 Ep. #1-9 - Full Series
             ND Night
             Directed by Kevin Sullivan,
             ABC-TV/United Artists, Toronto, ON

1988   Graveyard Shift II, Movie
            Directed by Gerry Ciccoritti
            Cinema Ventures, Toronto, ON

1988 – Present                Over 20 TV commercials for companies such as Chrysler,
                                            Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Bell, Labatt's and Leon's.



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